The Purifiers (Millipore)

Filtration is the very core of EMD Millipore’s product offerings and, in order to maintain their strong market position in this area, an integrated campaign covering the breadth of all of their purification products was needed.The idea was to get back to the feeling we have as kids with the headline “Remember when you thought you could do anything? Now you can.” A series of shots using kids as dressed as superheros, with each kid representing a different product line, embody how the scientists feel when they have EMD Millipore backing them up. Free to do the big stuff, like saving the world…The campaign, which has run for more than 2 years, has expanded from print ads and trade show to each child (representing a product area) having their own ads, landing pages, Twitter and Facebook pages. The campaign has helped to successfully maintain a strong brand presence and recognition in the market.

Advertising Print / Outdoor / Landing Pages / Trade Show / Custom Photography / Art Direction


Solace Pharmaceuticals
CellPrime (Millipore)
Disney Concert Hall
Sonde Health
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals
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