Scepter (Millipore)

Scepter launch campaign for EMD Millipore Scepter is a new ground-breaking cell counting product that allows scientists to count cells quickly and easily with a pipette-like hand device. EMD Millipore needed make a big splash and get the word out to bench scientists in the lab who would benefit from the huge labor and time savings of this device. The current method of counting cells involved using an archaic counting device (the “clicker”) and peering through a microscope counting each cell individually. The Clicker meet Scepter campaign brings the Clicker and Scepter to life as anthropomorphic characters and imagines their conversations. Through their interactions, it becomes painfully obvious how inadequate the Clicker is and how amazing the Scepter is. After a huge launch at a trade show involving ads at the airport where attendees would arrive, on mobile billboards near the convention hall and with Clicker and Scepter duking it out at the trade show booth, the campaign was continued both in print and online advertising. Clicker and Scepter even had their own Facebook pages. Scepter’s launch was a huge success bringing in more orders than could be filled initially.

Advertising Print and Outdoor / Exhibition Design / Online • GD USA Award, 2010


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