MilliPROBE (Millipore)

MilliPROBE ad campaign for EMD MilliporeOne of the most catastrophic events that can happen in the process of drug manufacturing is a mycoplasma outbreak. Because outbreaks are rare, process scientists usually choose to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. MilliPROBE is a mycoplasma detection product which allows early detection of mycoplasma outbreaks. The Go ahead, say it, “MYCOPLASMA” campaign gives process scientists an avenue to talk about the taboo subject of mycoplasma. With MilliPROBE, they can say “MYCOPLASMA” because they no longer have to worry about it. A campaign that included print ads, outdoor and a card board cutout where customers could insert their own faces and say “MYCOPLASMA” at trade shows as well as a faux support group blog was created where people could share their thoughts/experiences with mycoplasma. Scientists really loved the insider humor and there was a great response to this campaign, increasing awareness about mycoplasma and selling product.

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