Durapore (Millipore)

With the 30th anniversary of Durapore, the company’s flagship sterile filtration product, EMD Millipore wanted to build some excitement around this steadfast product line and the entire sterile filtration suite. The team presented some splashier concepts but, in the end, the client felt that The numbers speak for themselves appealed to the numbers-minded scientific community more. The ad lists out sterile filtration statistics and ends with “#1 in sterile filtration” set up like a math problem and playing visually with numbers themselves. Next, a series of case studies with statistics pulled out of each like “376 strains of H1N1 discovered using the Durapore filter.” The black and white photography and graphic use of the numbers supported the factual, documentary-style feel of the campaign.A combination of print ads, online animations and actual live case studies showcased on the website and gave this campaign longevity.GD USA Award, 2011

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